Mobile Glass vs. In-Shop Replacement: Which is better for your vehicle?

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We know the story. You get in your car on a busy morning and notice the small chip in your windshield has grown into a large dent, and will continue to expand. You have a full schedule, with no time to call and investigate a window repair. Should you drop it off at a repair shop, or call a mobile replacement technician to visit your work? There are pros and cons to both services, and you need to consider what is best for your vehicle in the long run.

Mobile Glass Replacement. Having your windshield replaced at your place of work may be a convenient option, provided the outdoor temperature is favorable and you have plenty of time for the glass adhesive to fully cure and dry before driving again. Your technician will determine the length of time your vehicle needs to be stationary (usually a few hours), based on the temperature, humidity, weather, and road conditions. A safe drive away time is crucial to the performance of the windshield, and can advised while scheduling your appointment. If you have a newer vehicle, with cameras and sensors that need to be calibrated upon installation, your options might be limited as this service is typically not available with mobile replacement.

In-Shop Windshield Replacement. While it may seem less convenient, taking your car to an auto glass shop to have work completed will eliminate the chances of inclement weather disrupting the job. Weather that is too hot, or too cold, will impact the adhesives that hold the windshield in place, affecting the drive away times and compromising the effectiveness of the glue itself. In a climate-controlled shop there are fewer chances of work surface contamination and the certainty that technicians have access to all necessary tools. Additionally, if your vehicle contains safety controls that need to be calibrated upon repair, it can be done while the glue cures with no extra cost.

Convenient replacement services. Apollo Glass offers both in-house and mobile options, as well as a complimentary shuttle or courtesy car to make repairs convenient for all of our customers. We can help with insurance paperwork and have your windshield replaced in no time. Call us at 763-682-5100 or make a request online.

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