Make Sure Your Car’s Auto Glass is Ready for College!

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If you are commuting to your college campus or will be driving while living on your college campus, your car should be in tip-top shape for an anxiety-free transition! The car’s glass elements are some of the most essential parts, so if you are experiencing these issues with them you should replace any or all of them. 


Determining whether or not you should replace or repair your windshield is sometimes a daunting task. It will largely depend on the type, location, size, and thickness of the imperfection. However, if these things aren’t very clear, then a good rule of thumb is if the chip is shallow and smaller than 40mm in diameter then it can most likely be repaired. 


When it comes to your side view mirrors, if the glass has minor scratches and is not overtly distracting then you should be fine to continue driving. If the mirror can’t serve its purpose of showing the driver what is behind them or the glass is really scratched, missing, or broken, then you should get it replaced as soon as possible. 


In general, you shouldn’t wait to fix or replace any of your auto glass that has a crack or a chip. Windshields, side windows, and review mirrors are really important to the safety of the driver. The cracks can worsen over time which will only increase your bill, so before you drive off to college make sure your windows and windshield have no cracks or chips. 


Whether your auto glass needs to be replaced or repaired, getting the opinion of a professional is always encouraged! At Apollo Glass, we offer both repairs and replacements for your broken windshield, side door glass, and back glass. Contact Apollo Glass today through our phone number 763-682-5100 or our email

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