Windshield replacement: a step by step guide

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While we never recommend anyone but a professional replace a windshield, we are frequently asked how exactly one is installed. Here is a step by step guide of one of our experts replacing a valued customers windshield. And remember, please don’t try this at home!

After we inspect the new piece of glass and ensure it is the proper one for your vehicle, our technicians remove the trim, windshield wipers, and cowling, exposing all edges of the glass. We are careful not to break any clips or compromise the positioning.

Next, we cut the windshield out with a variety of tools and wipe off any debris from the old glass.

Then, we are ready to prep the new windshield. First, our technicians thoroughly scrub the windshield edge to remove any contanimation. Then the windshield is ready to be rewashed, primed and install new molding as needed, allowing plenty of time to dry.

Now, we’re ready to prime the pinchweld. A pinch weld is an intersecting point on the car where two pieces of metal are welded together to form the lower chassis of the car. To ensure this area doesn’t rust as a result of the windshield exchange, we take time to prime it before laying any adhesive on top of it.

After confirming there is no debris where the old windshield was, we apply a urethane adhesive onto the Pinch weld. Our technicians wear gloves to avoid cross contamination and ensure the integrity of the installation. Then, the new windshield is set in place and pressure is added to allow the glass to set. We always use heavy duty suction cups and rubber gloves so no grease or dust contaminates the windshield.

Finally, we re-install the cowling, wipers, trim, and any mirrors or safety devices that were removed. If your car features Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS), we have those re-calibrated as well. We call you when your vehicle is ready, or are available to offer a shuttle service or courtesy car for your convenience.

Specialists at Apollo Glass are trained to install windshields, as well as assist with any insurance paperwork. Contact Apollo Glass today for any customized glass needs.

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