Apollo’s Tips for Protecting Your Auto Glass This Summer

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Most people think of winter as the most brutal season on our auto glass, but summer comes with its own challenges. Even though Minnesota isn’t a place people think of when they hear the words ‘heat wave’, we do see our share of scorchers. Increased temperatures, intense sunlight, and construction are just a few things that can wreak havoc on your windshield. Apollo Glass is here with tips to protect your auto glass this summer!

Park in shaded areas to reduce direct sunlight and minimize heat stress.

As the temperature outside increases, your car’s glass expands. If the glass is already compromised by a small chip or crack, the expansion can worsen the damage, causing it to spread. 

Even better than shade—park in a garage when possible, especially when severe weather is likely.

Hot and humid summer days can quickly turn stormy – producing high winds or hail and causing extensive damage to windshields, windows, and sunroofs. 

Avoid sudden temperature changes by gradually turning up the AC.

Rapid temperature changes caused by using air conditioning when the car is extremely hot can stress the glass, potentially leading to cracks or chips, especially if there is existing damage.

Close the car door gently.

Slamming the car door sends vibrations through your vehicle and into auto glass. These vibrations may cause minor cracks or chips to spread, especially when the glass is already vulnerable from summer heat. 

Be careful when cleaning your auto glass.

Using cold water on hot glass creates an unexpected temperature difference, which may cause the glass to react by cracking, especially if it already has dings or chips. We recommend waiting until the evening or using warm water to clean your glass or washing your car on hot summer days.

Avoid driving behind vehicles hauling gravel, trash, or other hazardous items.

Minnesota summer means it’s time for construction! Construction vehicles like cement or gravel trucks may send bits of concrete or rocks flying at your windshield. Those little bits of debris are hazardous when your glass is already stressed from high heat. Maintain a safe distance from these vehicles to avoid debris flying into your glass when possible.


Proactively protecting and maintaining your auto glass during the summer months can prolong its lifespan, ensure your safety on the road, and avoid costly repairs or replacements. If you find yourself with a chipped or cracked windshield, contact Apollo Glass by visiting our website or calling (763) 682-5100. 


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