The auto glass replacement process with Apollo Glass

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For close to 20 years, Apollo Glass has been providing quality auto glass replacement services to Buffalo, MN and the surrounding cities. One of the biggest reasons we have succeeded is from the outstanding customer experience that we provide and being able to assist through the entire auto glass replacement process. Here is how your auto glass replacement process is handled with Apollo Glass:

Step 1: File the claim with your insurance company

We call the insurance company with you and assist in filing your claim in person at our office or we can do it all over the phone with a conference call. We have done this process many times, so we can offer professional advice and answer any questions along the way. Once the filing is complete, we are ready to order your glass and arrange a day and time for the installation.

Step 2: Purchase the auto glass product

Many people do not consider the importance of your auto glass product along with the experience and skill of the installer. Some people purchase their products and services from online companies, leaving the quality of their auto glass product and replacement unknown.

Apollo Glass stands behind the glass products we use because they are purchased from trusted local stores that we have been working with for many years. At Apollo Glass, we have over 85 years of glass experience and can provide the most knowledgeable glass installers around; giving our customers peace of mind knowing their installation is done right.

Step 3: Schedule the auto glass replacement time and location

Apollo Glass offers either mobile onsite auto glass replacement or your may drop your vehicle off at our shop. We recommend whichever is easiest for our customers, but in the winter months of Minnesota, we suggest doing auto glass replacement in our service garage.

Getting your auto glass replaced at a service garage can be an inconvenience to anyone, so Apollo Glass offers a free courtesy car for their servicing customers. This allows customers to go shopping or spend their time more productively than just staying at our shop.


Let us help you along the entire auto glass replacement process, from filing to replacement. Give us a call today 763-682-5100 or email us at:

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