Why auto glass replacements should be completed indoors during the winter months

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auto_glass_replacement_mnWhen doing auto glass replacement in Minnesota, or any cold-winter state, it is best to have the service performed inside a heated garage or building. When outside temperatures reach the freezing point, parts and equipment start to fail and people tend to rush through things trying to stay out of the cold weather as much as possible.

Plastic parts against Old Man Winter

Typically, anything plastic or hard rubber placed outside in freezing temperatures will become brittle and unreliable with the potential of breaking. Depending on the vehicle, there can be many plastic parts that are handled when working with auto glass replacement and the cold temperatures put the quality of the auto glass installation in question.

When replacing auto glass in a heated garage or building during the winter, the plastic and hard rubber parts are in the ideal environment and have a better chance of working properly during installation compared to outside.

“Man” versus Old Man Winter

Who wants to stand outside for an hour when the wind-chill is 25 degrees below zero? There is not much for shelter when replacing auto glass outside in the winter, exposing the installer to the elements. There is always the potential of an improper installation or missed steps from being rushed due to Mother Nature.

An auto glass installer who works inside a garage during the winter is able to be warm and comfortable while having all of their tools readily available. They have nothing to worry about except for installing the auto glass.

Apollo Glass has a heated garage and free courtesy car

We are a complete mobile glass service company, but also provide a garage to service vehicles in as well. During the winter months, we recommend that auto glass is installed indoors so that the products and installers have the best work environment to produce the best result.

We also offer a courtesy car at no charge to our customers so they can go on with their day while we fix their glass. We are one of the few auto glass companies in the area that offers this and many of our customers appreciate it too. It allows them to go somewhere for a few hours to shop or run errands.

Let us help you along the entire auto glass replacement process. Just give us a call first and we can assist you through the rest of the way. Call us today: 763-682-5100 or email us at: info@apolloglassinc.com.

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