Do you need an auto glass replacement or repair?

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autoglassreplacementmnHaving a chipped or cracked windshield can obstruct a driver’s vision, making it a potential driving hazard and could cost a driver a fix-it ticket. When customers come in with a damaged windshield, we evaluate the concern to determine if it needs to be a small glass repair or if the entire piece of glass needs to be replaced.

Repair or Replace?

Apollo Glass can evaluate your auto glass damage on location or at our service garage. Every auto glass case is different, so it is best for us to perform a full, in-person inspection on the damage to ensure a proper solution. Typically, a chip or cracked piece of glass can be repaired if it does not exceed the size of a deck of playing cards. If the damage is larger, more than likely the entire piece of auto glass with have to be replaced.

The cost to repair a windshield is usually more affordable than a full replacement. Letting a chip or crack go unrepaired only gives time for it to spread further through the glass, which will eventually need a full replacement. Depending on your insurance, you may have full coverage on windshields. Apollo Glass can assist you in filing your claim with your insurance company to make sure everything is handled correctly.

Protect yourself and other drivers

There are windshield laws in Minnesota that are enforced to not only assist in driver safety, but also to help keep other people on the road safe. Besides having a damaged windshield, there are several other things to consider so that a driver’s vision is not obscured. You can read the full Statute here.

Another concern with a chipped or cracked windshield is that it can weaken the integrity of the vehicle. Depending on the size of the windshield damage, if a vehicle were to get into a crash or roll over, the people inside of the car potentially have a greater chance of getting injured with the structure of the vehicle being compromised from the existing windshield damage.

Questions on your auto glass replacement or want to come in for an evaluation?

Bring your auto glass damage to Apollo Glass and we will choose the best option in getting your glass fixed and you on your way. We can help you along the entire auto glass replacement process, from filing to replacement. Give us a call today 763-682-5100 or email us at:

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