The Importance of Windshield Repair in Minnesota

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Many people understand that a windshield is an important feature of a vehicle. It protects against weather, bugs, rocks, and other debris that is encountered while driving. The strength of a windshield can keep people safe during an accident as well by stopping them from being crushed or ejected out of the vehicle. If a vehicle’s windshield already has a chip or crack in it, the structure and integrity of not only the glass is lost, but the entire vehicle is as well.

It is best to have an auto glass repair and replacement company evaluate the existing damage and have it fixed as soon as possible. Chipped glass can spread to cracks and windshield cracks can become a safety risk to the driver and passengers of that vehicle, and with the large range of temperatures and severe weather, windshield repair in Minnesota is an important part of vehicle safety.

Minnesota Weather

When the cold winter weather of Minnesota arrives, an iced over windshield is a common every-day obstacle for drivers. One popular way to remove ice is with a scraper. This device works well, but does have the potential to cause damage. Pushing too hard on a windshield could cause a chip to turn into a crack, which would lead to a more expensive replacement compared to having a small chip fixed right after the damage happened.

During the warm months of Minnesota, severe weather can play a role in a potential danger to an already compromised windshield. When hail falls onto a vehicle with very hard force, even a brand new windshield can be damaged, but the probability of that happening is far less than an already chipped or cracked windshield. The same principle goes with rocks and construction debris during the Summer months, it is better to be driving around with an undamaged windshield compared to one that is already chipped or cracked.

Repair or Replace it?

There are many common signs that auto glass specialists consider when determining if a chipped windshield should get repaired or replaced. The most important thing as a consumer to realize is that there is potential for a chip to spread and turn into a crack, which would compromise the integrity of the windshield.

If you have a crack or chipped windshield, Apollo Glass can evaluate the damage for free and present the best option for the situation. If a repair or replacement is needed, we have the capabilities to do on-location servicing or we have a service shop with a complimentary courtesy car available. Call us today and we can walk you through the entire claim filing process along with ordering and installing the new auto glass: 763.682.5100

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