What to look for in an auto glass installer

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Did you know your windshield is the number one safety restraint feature your vehicle offers? Two sheets of glass, held together by an inner layer of strong vinyl, is one of the most important safety pieces between you and the open road. It provides structural strength to your vehicle body, supports the inflation and performance of airbags, as well as helps keep passengers inside the car, in case of an accident. So when you notice a small chip or line in your auto glass, it is crucial to have it worked on by a certified installer.

Using trained and certified technicians who understand the proper products and adhesives for your vehicle is key when searching for trusted auto glass repairs. Before making your next auto glass appointment, ensure the installer and auto glass company meet the following standards:

  • Use trained and certified technicians, as well as carry adequate insurance
  • Follow all adhesive manufacturer’s instructions
  • Provide written warranty and record of work completed
  • Use products that meet Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards (FMVSS)

For your comfort and knowledge, make sure to have a clear discussion with the installer on how the installation will be completed and how long the car may have to rest before being driven. Inquire on the type of adhesive being used in the replacement, to ensure the safety of your car based on the weather conditions in which you drive. (Guidelines may differ for your vehicle, depending on the season or current conditions).

Most windshield installation jobs take about an hour. Once the installation is finished, check for signs that the job was completed correctly–ensuring the molding is straight and there are no signs of adhesive visible inside the car. Your vehicle should be clean, with no debris or dirt left in your space, indicating sloppy workmanship.

Certified technicians at Apollo Glass are professionally trained and work hard to complete repairs efficiently, at a time convenient for you. We are happy to assist in handling insurance claims and supply warranty information. For more information on our auto glass services, call Apollo Glass at 763-682- 5100, email info@apolloglassinc.com, or Schedule Online.


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