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Add Glass Shower Doors to Upgrade your Bathroom

Thinking about upgrading your bathroom to create a spa sanctuary in your own home? Attain your dream bathroom by adding glass shower doors, creating an open, elegant space. A custom built shower door may be the focal point of a newly remodeled bathroom. Look no further than the specialists at Apollo glass to work on customizing the shower of which you’ve always envisioned.

Check out a few of our favorite current shower door trends:

Frameless shower doors. To create a modern appearance, consider adding frameless shower doors to your bathroom. Sleek and airy, this design is both versatile and timeless. Frameless shower doors allow excellent lighting, and can make any size bathroom seem grand.

Corner showers. If increasing your functional space is the cornerstone of your new or remodeled bathroom planning, corner showers may be the perfect choice for you. Consult with our experts on the best options for your corner shower door openings.

Frosted shower doors. Maybe your new bathroom desires a little extra privacy. Add frosted shower doors for more seclusion and a customized look. Choose your own unique design of frosted glass to match your bathrooms personality.

Partial enclosures. Emphasize your spa-like bathroom with a seamless partial enclosure in your shower. Both functional and stylish, partial enclosures keep water from splashing, allows excellent lighting, enhancing the shower experience.


We know a lot of time and energy goes into a new or remodeled bathroom. Our showroom, located in Buffalo, Minnesota, has a number of shower design models to view, and experts to help plan the perfect focal piece of your new bathroom. We are happy to walk through the planning and design stages before construction starts to ensure a smooth process. Apollo Glass is a leader in custom shower glass design and installation. Contact us today to visit our showroom or make an appointment with our specialists.


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