Time to replace that windshield!

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Replacing auto glass never comes at an ideal time. While it may seem easier to put off glass repairs until it really needs it, it is beneficial to address cracks and chips sooner than later. How do you know if your windshield needs a full replacement? Our experts are always available to help, but listed below are a few clues to help you decide.


Fixing a crack in a timely manner will prevent it from spreading, enhancing the durability and visibility of the windshield, while restoring the integrity of the vehicle. Most importantly, installing new glass ensures the highest level of safety.


Replace your windshield when:

  • Damage impairs the drivers visibility
  • Crack is near, or reaches into, the outside margin of glass
  • Damage reduces the safety of the car in case of a collision
  • The inner layer of glass has been broken


Apollo Glass strives to solve your auto glass repairs in a timely manner, at a location and time convenient for you. We offer a comfortable courtesy car for the duration of your repair, as well as a free pickup or delivery service. Warranty information is accessible and our professionals are happy to assist in handling insurance claims.


For more information on our auto glass services, call Apollo Glass at 763-682- 5100, email info@apolloglassinc.com, or Schedule Online!


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