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Spring is here and you may be one of the many Minnesotans dealing with a chipped or cracked windshield. Whenever you have an existing chip in your windshield you run the risk of that chip becoming a major driving distraction, or even worse, having that chip turn into a crack that puts your entire windshield at risk.

Safety is Important to us

At Apollo Glass, we want to make sure you are safe to enjoy the great Spring and Summer months. Getting your cracked windshield replaced is a proactive step towards keeping you and your family safe. A windshield protects the people inside of the vehicle from falling objects and debris that may be on the highways. When there is a chip or crack present in the windshield, the driver and passengers are less protected because the integrity of the windshield has been compromised. Also, depending on where the damage is to the windshield, a driver’s view may be obstructed creating unsafe driving visibility.

Customer Satisfaction is our #1 priority

When you have Apollo Glass assist with replacing your chipped or cracked windshield, you are getting a great service that goes above and beyond the normal routine. We can help our customers out through the entire glass replacement process. We will provide assistance with setting up your insurance claim along with offering our courtesy car as an option of transportation. We want to make sure that getting your windshield replaced is not an inconvenience and you are able to get through your day without any troubles.

Do you have a chipped or cracked windshield? Give us a call: 763-682-5100 or email us at:

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