Cold Weather, Windshield Cracks – Apollo Glass can help!

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Over the past month Minnesota has succumb to the frigid cold. And yeah, that will cause those pesky chips in your vehicle’s windshield to crack. Waiting until Spring to replace the glass is a thing of the past. Apollo Glass is defying the cold weather and keeping up the pace with their toasty warm shop.

Winter is a common season to need a windshield replacement but very uncommon to actually replace the windshield. The harsh elements are to blame really. No vehicle owner wants to risk the chance of going out in snow storm while having their windshield replaced. Here is where Apollo Glass comes in on top- during these cold bitter MN winter months they pick-up all vehicles and replace the glass in their indoor shop! It gets better though, they drop-off your vehicle once the installation is complete.  You still have the convenience of not leaving work or home to have your glass replaced and now no worries about the venturing out in the elements and Apollo does all the work with your insurance company.

Insurance companies cover sunroofs, windows, and windshields. It is a common misconception that your windshield is the only glass that insurance company will pay in a claim. The truth, insurance companies like preventive care. Replacing the broken glass can further insure your safety.

Most insurance companies even have a “glass only” line- which is faster than the lengthy hold time you can endure for an accident claim. But what most people don’t know is that a lot of auto glass replacement companies, such as Apollo Glass, can handle the claim process for you and there is very little action required from the vehicle owner.

Even living in the artic tundra these past months you can still stay safe and keep the worries out of mind when having your vehicle glass replaced. The service practically sells itself; pick-up/drop-off, indoor facility, no hassle insurance, and peace of mind. Getting your windshield replaced was never so easy!

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