Protect your Windshield this Spring

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Windshields not only protect passengers from wind and rain, they provide protection during a crash and structural support for your vehicle in a rollover. Windshields are designed to absorb the shock of impact and to stay in one piece. So it’s important to keep them in good condition.

With spring coming, it’s important to recognize that the seasonal change can impact and damage your windshield in many different ways. During the spring, snow and ice begin to melt and the runoff can bring small rocks and gravel into the roadways. Heavy trucks and larger vehicles can flip up rocks behind them and cause the vehicles following them to be repeatedly hit by the debris. Construction trucks are also more common in the spring and the loads they may be carrying could become loose and fall into traffic.

How do you avoid it? Drive slower to avoid chips or cracks. The faster you drive, the more a rock impact will affect your vehicle. Higher speeds will also put more pressure on the windshield, which could cause a crack to spread even further.

When a chip does occur, the technicians at Apollo Glass suggest you get it fixed quickly. Shifting temperatures in the spring can cause a crack to extend and if water gets into the crack and freezes the windshield could shatter completely.

Many chips and cracks can be repaired by injecting a resin material into the chip to strengthen the weakness without needing to replace the entire windshield. But this repair needs to happen quickly before things get worse.

In the spring, roads are also affected by the shifting weather and can buckle, causing potholes. While potholes themselves don’t often cause damage to windshields, they can have a negative effect on windshields that already have chips or cracks in them that haven’t been professionally repaired. Even a minute crack or chip in your auto glass creates a weak point and the jolt from hitting a pothole can cause the issue to spread. Hitting even one pothole just right can turn a windshield in need of repair into one in need of replacement.

Apollo Glass offers both drive in and mobile glass repair and replacement. We offer a loaner car and free pickup and delivery if needed.  We service all foreign and domestic cars, trucks and vans.  We take a lot of pride in the fact that we can handle all of your insurance paper work for you so we can minimize the discomfort of an insurance claim. We work closely with all insurance companies and make sure our pricing matches their requirements.

For more information about how Apollo Glass can help you with your auto glass needs in Minnesota, call 763-682-5100 or email You can also learn more about Apollo Glass and its services by clicking here.

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