Give Your Bathroom A Stunning Ambience with Custom Shower Doors

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Apollo Glass provides repair and installation for custom shower doors, mirrors, and other glass alternatives. Whether you need a new shower door or to fix an old one, Apollo Glass is here to offer outstanding service with long time durability.

From framed shower doors to the popular frameless heavy glass shower door, we believe in all the benefits glass can have for your bathroom:

  1. Aesthetics. A glass shower door can create a space that’s brighter, allowing you to show off your shower’s unique stone or tile. Glass shower doors also create the illusion of a larger room, as your eyes are able to see into your shower space as opposed to a dark curtain cutting off your line of sight.

  2. Cleanliness. Cleaning shower glass is a simple task that doesn’t take a lot of added time. There is also less chance of mold build-up because glass removes a place for soap and water to sit and accumulate. Additionally, a shower fully enclosed in glass won’t allow water to get all over your bathroom floor–the way shower curtains often do.

  3. Customizable. Apollo Glass is happy to custom-build a shower door to your shower’s opening size. Feeling modest? Your glass doesn’t have to be entirely transparent either. Glass finishes come in a variety of etched patterns customizable by you.

  4. Plastic-free. Did you know that many inexpensive shower curtains and liners have been made with polyvinyl chloride (PVC)? PVC often used to increase flexibility in plastics, can release toxic chemicals into the air and negatively impact one’s health. Investing in shower glass and reducing plastic usage can be the healthier and more sustainable option for your bathroom’s next makeover.

  5. Value. A glass shower door in your bathroom can conveniently increase the value of your home! It will also save you time and money on purchasing replacement curtains and liners in the future.

We are happy to custom-build and install the next glass shower door of your dreams! Call us at 763-682-5100 to schedule your new shower door or request a consultation online.

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