Getting Your Car Road Trip Ready

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If your summer plans include a road trip, make sure your car is prepared for the journey. Nothing dampens a fun trip like car trouble when the passengers are eager to get to the destination. Below, you will find a few tips to help you ensure your car will ride smoothly the entire way.

Check the tires

The treads on your tires provide traction control and dispel water on the road for a safe drive. Over time these treads wear out which affects how smooth and safe your drive is going to be. Before hitting the road, check the air pressure to ensure they are at optimal inflation for fuel consumption and ride quality.

Check the engine oil

This isn’t something you want to neglect- running a car without proper oil content is a good way to ruin your trip and vehicle. If you’re close to the manufacturer-recommended limit, you’ll want to get an oil change before you leave.

Inspect the windshield

Over time, our windshields can develop scratches and chips affecting visibility and ever distorting our view which can affect judgment on the road. If you see chips or scratches in your windshield we suggest getting it repaired before you begin your road trip. The perfect flying rock placement could easily make a small chip into a large crack. If you have excessive damage, you might have to have a windshield replacement done too.

Check the brakes

Eventually, brake fluid turns a dark color and begins to rust brake components. If your brake fluid hasn’t been flushed in a couple of years, you should get it done before you leave. Your brake pads also wear away over time and can become so thin that they aren’t effective anymore. If you hear screeching and squealing when you brake, it is definitely time to replace the pads.

If you’ve noticed windshield damage and are looking for an experienced team to deal with the issue, get in touch with our team at Apollo glass. We provide a range of windshield repair and replacement services. Don’t hesitate to contact us before your trip to get your car road-trip-ready.

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