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While your home may not talk to you, it often shows signs when it needs extra attention. Glass is made to withstand many years (even decades!) of weather and wear, but when those clear panes start to turn foggy or chip, it is time to replace them. Even if they are still operable, it may be in your best interest to replace a window before it turns into a larger job. Here are some sure tell signs it’s time to replace the glass in your windows.

Visible damage and discoloration. If the glass in your windows is foggy, drafty, or sticky when opening and closing, they are telling you they need some TLC. Depending on the age of the window and the condition of the frame, it could be as easy as replacing the glass.

Focus on reducing your energy bill. Drafty windows may cause your energy bills to increase over time, especially those that take the brunt of severe weather conditions. By replacing the glass in your windows you can become more energy efficient, saving time and money in the long run. And, if you are thinking of selling your home in the near future, it is a great selling feature.

Remodeling projects. Windows are a prominent feature in any room of the house. If you are working on a room remodel, consider the age and look of your current windows. Discoloration and warping will show more in a room that is recently redone with a fresh coat of paint or undergone a total redesign. While you’re upgrading a specific space, think about the natural light, airflow, and how windows play a part of the overall design. If you’ve always wanted to change the direction the windows open or type of screen, seize the remodeling opportunity to have windows match your new aesthetic.

Storm damage. Maybe replacing windows was not on your to-do list until a severe storm came through, demanding your attention. Don’t allow damaged windows to sit too long or sustain further harm, potentially causing a larger problem down the road.


Replacing the glass of one window or ten is no problem for our experts at Apollo Glass. Call today to have a technician visit your home, take measurements, and offer a competitive price. For more information on all of our glass services, call Apollo Glass at 763-682- 5100, email, or Schedule Online.


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