Clear Glass vs. Low Iron Glass for Showers

 In Shower Doors

Have you ever looked at a piece of glass and seen a green tint? This is technically clear glass but it is not the clearest type of glass you can get; the amount of iron content gives the greenish tint to it. Low iron glass is more transparent and doesn’t have the greenish tint due to the reduced amount of iron in its molten glass formula.

Standard clear glass. You might notice a slight green tint to the glass or green edges. The green tint becomes even more prominent when looking at an angle and gets darker as glass thickness increases. The green tint is due to the natural presence of iron oxide from different elements.

Clear glass is one of the most common glass types available. It is made by combining soda ash, lime, and sand, and then heating the materials until they become molten. The mixture is then shaped and cooled. As the thickness of the glass increases the greenish hue will become more pronounced. With that being said, shower glass takes up a fair amount of vertical space in a bathroom, so it’s worth being treated as a true design element in the space.

Low iron glass. If you are installing beautiful light crisp white subway tile or want the shower material to be as vivid as possible, then opt for l0w-iron glass. Low-iron is created from sand with very low iron content. This minimal amount of iron will give you the clearest glass possible while allowing for the maximum amount of light to pass through the glass.

When your main light source occurs beyond the shower glass, low-iron glass will transmit the maximum amount of light into the space. Additionally, the ultra-clear glass will keep the space from being bathed in a wash of greenish light.

If there is one takeaway, glass is a large design element in your space. If you are interested in learning more about glass options for your next project, feel free to contact Apollo Glass here.

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