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Since 2019, we have been honored to support local non-profit organizations in their mission to support families in our community. Apollo Glass Gives Back is happy to be partnering with local businesses to provide gas cards to Wright County Community Action Inc., Love INC-Big Woods, Wright County Salvation Army, Wright County Veterans Affairs, and Wright County Health and Human Services. 

These programs are making sure the cards are distributed to the people who need them most. Helping individuals and families get groceries, arrive at their doctor appointments, or even support their return to their family states away. Below are messages detailing the impact these cards have on people in our community.

Love Inc.: “Thanks so much for reaching out! Your timing could not have been better. We have a vehicle repair program and use gas cards to help our friends in need get to work, to medical appointments, and, in some cases, to fulfill the conditions of probation.

Thanks so much!


Salvation Army Wright County- Buffalo: Fuel-only cards will be provided to individuals that have indicated that they have upcoming medical/therapy/counseling/rehabilitation meetings or need transportation to and from work. Fuel-only cards may also be used for those that are currently homeless and living in their vehicles.

Almost every day I receive calls from people in the community that need our help to fill their gas tank in order to get to a doctor’s appointment for themselves or for their loved ones. With the climbing gas prices, your offer couldn’t be more perfect. The flexibility of fuel-only cards from SA/Kwik Trip or Holiday will allow them to not only get to their appointment across town but to get them safely back!”

Wright County Health and Human Services: Our mission statement is to strengthen, support and serve our community and that is what we do on a daily basis.  We meet with Wright County residents, listen to their life circumstances and work with them to regain a stable living situation.  Our staff are equipped with a number of community-based resources as well as programs and funding that may be beneficial to addressing people’s current need.  Recent examples include paying for a car repair so the individual didn’t lost their job and housing for their family, and providing gas cards to persons who cannot afford the cost of gas to groceries, to needed appointments, etc.  We are very thankful for the community organizations who provide funds so we may distribute to those in need.”

Wright County Community Action: Our mission is “working in partnership with the community to empower residents to improve their physical, social and economic well-being.” These fuel cards will help fulfill that mission”

Wright County Veteran Assistance: “We help veterans and their families understand their benefits, rights, and services. These fuel cards will help them get access to the programs that surround their benefits.” 

AGGB is proud to partner with: 

If you would like to provide assistance to families in our area through the organizations mentioned, please click the relative link below.


Apollo Glass is passionate about supporting our community and the wonderful resources it has to offer. Starting in 2019, we decided we will “put our money where our mouth is” and donate a portion of our profits to local organizations each year. We are proud to be a part of a community that supports one another and want to help deserving organizations serve those in need.


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