Prepare your vehicle NOW for winter weather

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Don’t let auto glass repairs leave you stranded– take advantage of our winter weather services to avoid being stuck in the cold. As the thermometer fluctuates this month, learn how your windshield might be affected.

Cold weather contraction. Inspect your auto glass for small dings and scratches before extreme weather sets in. As brutally cold weather descends, it strains your auto glass, forcing even small imperfections to grow, or creating stress to the frame and sealant. The smallest chip will soon turn into a spider web crack.

Heat expansion. If you don’t keep your vehicle in a garage, be mindful of controlling the amount of heat your windshield gets on the coldest days. A blast of warm air on a frozen windshield increases the chance for any flaws to expand. As the windshield warms, cracks may travel toward the heat source, expanding quickly and causing damage.

Apollo Glass recommends servicing your auto glass needs in a temperature controlled environment over the winter months to ensure the optimal placement and sealant of your windshield. Our services include cold temperature window and auto glass repairs in our heated, full service, 3-bay garage. In addition to our professional service and installation on site, we feature convenient services, including:

  • Same day service for most repairs and installations. Our trained technicians work quickly and efficiently in our heated garage to minimize any disruption glass repairs may cause during the chilly winter season.
  • Free customer pickup and delivery within 30 miles. Our professional drivers take great care in providing a ride to your home or place of business so auto glass repair doesn’t impact your busy schedule.
  • A clean, reliable courtesy car for your use.
  • Insurance paperwork assistance from our experts to help navigate the often confusing claim terms.

Call the professionals at Apollo Glass at 763-682-5100 to repair or replace your auto glass today and ensure a safe and warm winter season.  Learn more about our wide array of services and schedule online today!


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