How to properly clean auto glass

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Technicians at Apollo Glass are experts at glass installation, so we wanted to share some best kept secrets on how to maintain and clean auto glass. Clean, clear glass improves visibility while driving and adds a beautiful finish to a newly polished exterior.

Choose your cleaning materials. While you may be accustomed to reaching for your cut up tee shirt rags and ammonia-based household glass cleaner, think twice before taking this into your car. Ammonia acts to dry out plastic, rubber, vinyl, and leather, which makes it tricky to use in cars. Additionally, windows with non-factory tinting cannot handle ammonia based cleaners. Check the ingredients and details on your window solution to see if it is safe for car windows.

Some folks prefer to use plain water to clean windows, but it may be troublesome if you have stubborn grease spots or bug remains. Use a glass cleaning microfiber towel with gentle scrubbing (maybe even a little elbow grease) to dry and buff any streaks.

If your vehicle has a hard to reach windshield or sunroof, consider a long armed glass scrubber to make these jobs easier.

Clean the vehicle. If you are spending time washing, waxing, and detailing your car, make sure to save the glass cleaning until the end to avoid re-contamination. Clean the auto glass out of the sunshine if possible, as rays from the sun often cause glass cleaner to evaporate quickly and leave behind residue. Decide if you want to start on the interior or exterior first, taking the time with each window. Be sure to roll down windows so you can clean the top edges of the glass as well.

Save some extra time for the windshield, since you spend most of your time looking through it. Wipe up and down, then side to side using long strokes. Don’t get frustrated if you can’t get it right the first time, as it is a large surface area and you’ll want it “just right”. Depending on your type of glass, you may need an extra degreaser or a dampened cloth with water to remove any streaks or problem areas.

Don’t forget the wipers. After spending time shining your auto glass, remember to clean your windshield wipers as well. If you maintain your wipers they are less likely to dry out and will help keep your windshield sparkling clean.

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