How temperature impacts your windshield

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Minnesota residents are not just fair weather fans (ask anyone that braves our below zero wind chills!). Keeping warm six months out of the year is a necessity, particularly when driving in the elements. While we can’t zip our cars into a parka, we do want to protect our vehicles from extreme temperatures and any potential damage caused by a freeze. As the thermometer fluctuates this month, find out how your windshield might be affected.

Cold weather contraction. Inspect your auto glass for small dings and scratches before extreme weather sets in. As the brutally cold weather descends, it adds strain to your auto glass, forcing even small imperfections to grow or causing stress to the frame and sealant. The smallest dent can soon turn into a spider web crack.

Heat expansion. If you do not store your vehicle in a garage, be mindful of controlling the amount of heat your windshield gets on the chilliest of days. A blast of warm air on a frozen windshield increases the chances of any flaws to expand. As the windshield warms, cracks may travel toward the heat source, expanding quickly and causing damage.

Apollo Glass recommends servicing your auto glass needs in a temperature controlled environment over the winter months to ensure the optimal placement and sealant of your windshield. Offering a courtesy car and shuttle service, our technicians work hard to ensure minimal inconvenience when needing windshield repair this winter. Call us at 763-682-5100 or request a consultation online.



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