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Fall is here and the weather is changing. Unfortunately in Minnesota, that means colder weather with rain, sleet, and snow. Driving in these conditions can be overwhelming and sometimes dangerous unless you take some simple steps to keep yourself and your family safe during travel. Here are 5 tips to help you drive safer during the Fall season.

Inspect your windshield and windows

A cracked or chipped windshield can leave a driver with an obstructed view, making it difficult to see. Combine this with sleet or snowy conditions, and it is an accident waiting to happen. Vehicle windows that have cracks or chips are a potential heat loss and can also obstruct a driver’s view. Click to learn more about how Apollo Glass can replace your windshield on-the-spot or at our service garage.

Replace your wiper blades

With Fall precipitation being unpredictable, having reliable wiper blades on a vehicle is a must. Most people use their wipers often during the Spring and Summer months, and they tend to become worn by the time Fall arrives. Placing new wiper blades on your vehicle in the Fall will give you a clear view all winter and you won’t have to worry about replacing them when it’s 20 below outside. Allstate Insurance has a simple “how to” on replacing wiper blades here.

Check your windshield wiper fluid level often and keep extra on-hand

Fall can be a dirty time of year, kicking up dust, dirt, and mud on your windshield. Check your wiper fluid level often and have an extra jug on hand to keep you prepared for the farm field dust and mixed precipitation. Here are some simple instructions from GEICO on checking your windshield wiper fluid and other vehicle fluid levels.

Watch for deer

In Minnesota, Fall is the time of year for harvesting and hunting. This stirs up the local wildlife, making the highways more active with critters and deer. Please be cautious when traveling on roads that post deer crossings and keep a lookout for those little glowing eyes when driving at night. You should always assume that deer do not travel alone. If you see one deer passing over or on the side of the road, more than likely there will be at least one or two more following close behind.

Watch the weather

Like Spring, Fall weather can be very unpredictable. Get in the habit to see a weather update before you travel for work or take a day trip with the family. It is up to you to travel in poor weather conditions, but at least you are prepared to drive through the sleet and snow or change your daily plans when the weather is severe. Install a weather app on your phone to keep you updated 24/7 or watch your local weather on tv before leaving.

Apollo Glass wants you to stay safe this Fall so if you have a chipped or cracked windshield, give us a call: 763-682-5100 or email us at:

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